*** SCAM-Con Artist Dennis Lee – PICC HHO ***SCAM

Check the site: www.phact.org/e/dennis.html This video shows various gadgets being peddled in USA by Dennis Lee and his associates. Surprisingly this is still going on, thanks to the nameless faceless internet in several dozens of websites and URLs inspite of several cease and desist orders issued against Dennis and his associates by Attorneys General of various states. Better Business Bureau Report is below: ————————————– Principal: Mr. Dennis Lee (615) 595-1676 Additional DBA Names: ———————– Advanced Energy Systems, Amazing Technologies, Better World Technologies, Clarence Jaeger, Dutchman Enterprises ——————————– Nature Of Business: —————— In September 1999 Dennis Lee was doing business as “Tesla Electric International” advertised a ‘free electricity’ machine to be demonstrated in Nashville/Middle Tennessee marketplace. The advertisement and business opportunity offered by Mr. Lee was the subject of a Consumer Alert issued by the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee. Additional management personnel include: Dr. Harold Bergen – President AHT Additional namestyles associated with Dr. Harold Bergen and the ‘Free Electricity Machine’promotion are ADVANCED HI-TECH, INC. and HI-TECH located in Franklin, Tennessee. Government Actions: Since 1999 the Attorneys General of 7 states have taken actions against Dennis Lee, associated with three companies purporting to sell a free electricity device. The

25 thoughts on “*** SCAM-Con Artist Dennis Lee – PICC HHO ***SCAM

  1. mdjose

    Beware of people who use buzz words without explaining the SCIENCE behind such buzz words. Like a ‘covalizer’!? WTH!? The energy needed to push a piston in an engine comes FROM the breaking of the covalent bonds in the hydro-carbon chains in gasoline when burning! Breaking those bonds before it got down the hose and to your engine would completely defeat the purpose of putting gasoline in your car!!!

  2. revolxaohemwolb

    “HHO” is a HHOax. These silly things take more energy from the crankshaft than they return. They will REDUCE fuel economy, but will NEVER increase it! Not unless you can find a 100% efficient alternator belt, 100% efficient alternator, 100% efficient electrolyser and a 100% efficient internal combustion engine, “HHO” systems won’t do so much as break even. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says ‘no free lunch!’

  3. riotwyoming

    Over 20 years ago this cheater was claiming that the fed gov’t is trying to stop him from getting this technology to the public!!! Yet you can check any website selling wind turbines or solar panels and they actually have a product that works and none of them make any claim like that!!


  4. MrBlaze001

    WHAT a Dick Look at 215 it looks like he wants to blow you. He is a fag Dennis Lee is a cheat and will still annything you have…. ROT IN HELL DENNIS LEE

  5. pokerstaaars

    I would rather be a russian communist, or in the taliban before i were one of these god bothering freaks @ 3:15… makes me sick.

  6. a1mint

    Funny who occasionally you see these HHO quacks come out for damage control.
    Suddenly an anti HHO comment with a thumbs down. Cute.

  7. martiangrundy

    And people fall for this guff?
    He has something for everyone doesn’t he? HA HA HA HA.
    Has anyone managed to get the refund he brags about?

  8. Retro272

    This engine runs off of compressed air from an air compressor…

    If this was real, there’d be no stopping it.

    Don’t you find it interesting that these guys always need YOUR MONEY?

  9. bustedandexposed

    Busted and Exposed is all about exposing scams, fraud, cheaters, liars and more. Post your responce and signed up. Let’s put a end to this.

  10. rotory2002

    Your very right, He is out of prison because he is a total criminal and the justice system would rather chase a pot smoker. This guy is one of the biggest Jackasses that ever walked the planet…

  11. odear09

    Dude. I just got done watching Dateline do a Report on this guy and it was great…Like Such a hoax. Who can even take serious such rubble..And With bringing together preaching and all that together? Hes the kinda guy that gives Christians a bad name. Its people like him that corrupt our nation….poop poo baa CRAP

  12. cliffistheman

    why do compare reality with a faith healer? why ? why do you spend your energy proclaiming something is not true, when you don’t know about it?

  13. silentdeath204

    you do not want to heat up your fuel before it gets to the injectors, i can and more than likely will vaporize and cause vapor lock in your motor. your fuel injectors are designed to atomize liquid fuel.

  14. DoctorGort

    The Dutchman Enterprises video speaks for itself. You don’t have to annoy us with the interjections of video clips of that wacked out faith healer.

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