No boost in electricity tariff, says Cabinet

Tenaga says assets from reduce cost of power era upheld on to consumers.


KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet motionless during a weekly assembly on Wednesday that electricity tariff would stay for a subsequent 6 months national though not for Sarawak,

The cost of piped healthy gas, however, will be increasing from RM15.20/mmBTU (one million British Thermal Units) to RM16.70/mmBTU effective Jul 1.

The boost of piped gas cost is in line with a government’s fuel definition step, a Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry pronounced in a matter yesterday.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad pronounced notwithstanding a increasing cost of piped gas, a supervision was still means to say a ICPT (imbalance cost pass-through) remission of 2.25 sen/kWh following a RM1.085 billion of net assets in fuel and other era costs from Jan to Jun this year.

“The assets are especially contributed by a rebate in a use of liquefied healthy gas for electricity era upheld by a high opening of spark power plants, as good as a downward trend of spark prices,” a TNB matter said.

The net assets also includes a RM300 million saved by a re-negotiation of power squeeze agreements (PPAs) with initial era eccentric power producers (IPPs).

The ICPT resource came into outcome in Jan 2014 in Peninsular Malaysia and has enabled a supervision to examination a electricity tariff each 6 months by holding into criticism a cost of power generation.

The cost is theme to cost changes of healthy piped gas, liquefied healthy gas, spark “medium fuel oil”, essence and other era costs related with PPAs, replaced cost from renewable energy and squeeze of electricity cost from abroad.



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Scotland’s wind power hits record levels

Wind power in Scotland strike record levels in a initial entertain of a year. Picture: Ian Rutherford

SCOTLAND’S wind farms generated record amounts of power in a initial entertain of a year, a latest central total show.

New information from a UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) also arguable that immature energy era reached a top levels final year, with roughly half of all electricity used entrance from renewables in 2014.

The news reveals wind turbines constructed 4,452 gigawatt-hours of electricity in a initial 3 months of this year, adult 4.3 per cent on a prior many prolific quarter.

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This is adequate to power Scotland’s 960,000 households for a year.

Renewable sources supposing 49.8 per cent of electricity used north of a Border in 2014, with commissioned ability rising by 9 per cent, or 7,383 megawatts, in a year adult to a finish of March.

Scottish environmentalists and politicians welcomed a total though pronounced a UK government’s “perverse” preference to repel subsidies for new onshore wind schemes a year early bluster both meridian goals and investment north of a Border.

Dr Sam Gardner, conduct of process during a gift WWF Scotland, indicted UK ministers of “pulling a carpet from underneath a attention during a essential time”, that he says puts environmental advantages and around £3 billion of destiny investment during risk.

“The UK supervision needs to revive certainty to a really shaken energy sector,” he said.

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Energy apportion Fergus Ewing warned that Scotland’s swell towards a renewables goals faces being almost hampered by finale support underneath a Renewables Obligation.

“Given a record amounts of power now entrance from wind, and a healthy tube of wind projects with agree and in planning, a UK government’s proposals will have a surpassing and jagged impact on Scotland,” he said.

“Onshore wind is one of a many cost-effective renewable energies, nonetheless a UK government’s impolite preference to finish support puts this tough work and swell in danger and a Scottish Government will continue to disagree opposite it.”

But anti-wind campaigners have corroborated abolishing a subsidies, that they contend volume to a “blank cheque” for a wind industry.

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Linda Holt, mouthpiece for Scotland Against Spin, said: “Of march Scotland is producing record amounts of wind since it has record numbers of turbines, though these total problematic a fact that in a past few months durations of high vigour have stalled turbines opposite Scotland. Often a whole swift is producing underneath 5 per cent of a capacity.

“Mr Ewing has no answer to this problem, solely to call for some-more turbines. Even a child can know some-more turbines are invalid if a wind isn’t floating constantly during a right speed. Other forms of arguable electricity era are what’s needed.”

The news also showed renewable electricity era was during record levels opposite a UK, with 21.1 terrawatt-hours constructed in a initial 3 months of this year – an boost of 15 per cent on a year ago.

Scotland produces about a third of all renewable power in a UK and is home to scarcely 70 per cent of onshore wind schemes. Scottish Government meridian targets aim for a homogeneous of 100 per cent of energy to be generated from renewable sources by 2020.

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