On Our Radar: Floating Wind Turbines

Britain will combine with a United States on building floating wind power technology in low waters that are now off boundary to compulsory turbines though where a wind is most stronger, a British energy apportion says. [The Guardian]

Mexico’s Senate approves a extensive climate change bill that calls for slicing a country’s hothouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020. Big emitters will be compulsory to lane and news their hothouse gases. [Mongabay.com]

An surprising spring charge brings snow to aloft elevations in executive and western Pennsylvania and tools of northeastern Ohio and upstate New York. [Associated Press]

Philips introduces a $60 LED light bulb (discounts are accessible in some stores ) that it says will final over 20 years. [Agence France-Presse]

Climate change is expected to have distant some-more change on swings in corn prices over a subsequent 3 decades than other factors like oil prices or biofuel mandates, a new investigate predicts. [The New York Times]