Mantra to bring in Positive energy.

Mirabai will give you a mantra for bringing in positive energy and good luck enjoy! Here is a great web site for mantras and there meanings. Mirabai and Thomas have workshops together and I leave there on cloud 9.

20 thoughts on “Mantra to bring in Positive energy.

  1. some1shy

    @Aponi896 my opinion is your expecting results fast. but remember you send out intentions into the world to. If you do this with no expectations ,with an open heart and mind, I am sure your life will change around. But if you are doing this to expect quick results you could be blocking things from happening. Be patient and open, maybe life has something for you but if you are to quick you will lose the outcome.

  2. mirabaihelpers

    Hello Aponi896 and every one!! I have been chanting Mantras for 5 years and has really made a difference in my life. Example I Chanted the Lakshmi Mantra and received thousands of dollars! I chanted in 40 days 125,000 that is 28 of 108 beads this is free and based on devotion my relationships and my health is also improving since I did another 125,000 that is the greatest wealth!

  3. Aponi896

    Mirabaihelpers I have been chanting this mantra 540 times a day its been 35days and I haven’t seen on job offer cross my path. Did I assume wrong that this mantra is for good luck? Becuase I have been chanting this mantra Om Gum Ganapatayei 540 times a day so far not one job offer/interview has come about for me :(
    Would you know of any other mantras to help me find a job soon??? Thank You.

  4. darkshady1

    Awesome video. Sharavana Bhava/Kartikeya is also the ruler of Mars in Vedic Astrology. So if you are suffering Mars related problems, this mantra can work as a remedy.

  5. mirabaihelpers

    When you do mantras you should do a 40 day discipline by saying the mantra 54 to 108 times twice a day this will give you a better result. Hope that helps all you great people out there! let me know how the mantras help you. Also Check Mirabai’s mantra for removing negative energy!

  6. jsm3500

    Rough translation, ‘Om and salutations to the son of Shiva, who brings auspiciousness and who is chief of the celestial army.’

  7. jsm3500

    Om Sharavana-bhavaya Namaha (ohm sha-ra-van-a bha-vai-ya) To brighten and increase the positive effects of everything in your life.

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