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How to Get Free Electric Power

A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity is Finally Here! How would you like to create a Free Electricity generator which creates free energy? This is an easy-to-follow guide, so you can now build a Electric Power Generator which creates free energy at no cost, and does not require any outside assistance like wind or solar energy to run, this generator makes energy on its own and powers your home for free. This generator is totally off the grid! This method has been under development for a long time, but due to big corporations trying to keep this under wraps, the plans for using this free energy technology that would change our world have been kept secret. We just recently succeeded in creating a website which offers the DIY builder instructions for building this Free Electric Power generator, this device can change our world... Learn More! 

Free Electricity: The Sources and Benefits

Free? Yes, it’s free. Perhaps it is hard to believe especially in our present world where the word “crisis” has become the associate of the word “economic”. But whatever may be our current economic situation the fact remains that there is or there are sources of free electricity. This information has been hidden from the public for a long time because Power Corporations doesn’t want the people to be free from the rising power bill. They want to enslave the world by being so dependent on them with their electric power needs.

Yes, there is a source of Free Electricity. But as a saying goes “for anything good there’s a price to pay”. So practically you only need to invest a minimal amount in order to enjoy the long term benefits of free electricity, which is more than the cost of your investment. Imagine a one time investment of small amount that will give you unimaginable benefit of free electricity for the rest of your life.

Now this small investment is one sided, which means that there is no way that you can lose your investment. With this investment you are always on the winning side. Always on the benefits rather than on the cost; and always free from the mind-stressing surging power bill.

These free sources of energy have been here with us long ago. But the problem they were never revealed to us. These free sources were never exposed to the public so as not to make the people free from being enslaved by Multi-Million Power Corporation. One of this free energy sources is the wind. We’ve heard about wind turbines but never did we hear that the government or the corporations are developing this technology in order to lessen the power cost that the mass of people are paying from their hard day work.

Another source of free energy that has gradually become popular to the general public is the Solar Power, or the power that we can generate from the heat of the Sun. Our world absorbed this heat daily to produced fruits and crops that we also eat, and the same energy that the earth is absorbing is the free source of electric power energy. All we need is a device that converts this heat into electrical energy. And we have this technology and device that could free us from the burden of ever surging power bill.

Another newly revealed secret source of free energy is the machine that runs with a magnetic field and produces electric power enough to light up the whole house and even appliances. This magnetic machine is something that is now gradually being introduced to the public and in fact many have now applied this principle in their household and helps reduce their energy consumption from Power Corporations.
These sources of Free Electric Power are not introduced in order to stop the business of the Power Corporations because economically they have helped a lot people who are working on their power plants, but this free source of energy are revealed that they may help individual household and family not become so affected by the surging electric power rate.

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Wind Power Could Supply 25% of Global Electricity By 2050 — If Fossil Fuel …

Wind power has turn so successful that it could yield 25 to 30 per cent of tellurian electricity supply by mid-century if vested interests don’t get in a way, according to a new news published Tuesday.

The news — Global Wind Energy Outlook 2014 — pronounced that blurb wind power installations in some-more than 90 countries had a sum commissioned ability of 318 gigawatts (GW) during a finish of 2013, providing about 3 per cent of tellurian electricity supply.

By 2030, a news said, wind power could strech 2,000 GW, supply adult to 17 to 19 per cent of tellurian electricity, emanate over dual million new jobs and revoke CO2 emissions by some-more than 3 billion tonnes per year.

The news published by a Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace International remarkable that while emissions-free wind power continues to play a flourishing purpose in general electricity supply, political, mercantile and institutional sluggishness is hampering attempts to understanding with a consequences of climate change.

The hoary fuel industry, a many absolute vested seductiveness in a universe today, continues to do all it can to blear a scholarship and delayed down domestic progress,” a report said.

Not their slightest attribution change is on a politicians they own, quite those in a U.S. Congress – and in a places where a hoary fuel attention is a family business masquerading as a inhabitant supervision in a Persian Gulf – and in a places where hoary fuel exports have turn a blunt domestic and troops instrument to shillelagh rival neighbours into submission.”

Using a International Energy Agency’s New Policies unfolding from a World Energy Outlook as a baseline, a 58-page Global Wind Energy Outlook (GWEO) news grown both a assuage and an modernized unfolding to try a destiny of a wind energy attention from 2020 to 2050.

Under a assuage scenario, that takes into comment all process measures to support renewable energy possibly already enacted or in a formulation stages around a world, wind energy intensity will quadruple between 2020 and 2050 from 712 to 2,672 GW.

(For fact junkies, a projected increases are as follows: 712 GW of accumulative wind power ability by 2020, 1,479 GW by 2030, 2,089 GW by 2040 and 2,672 GW by 2050.)

The modernized unfolding outlines a border to that a wind attention could grow in a best box ‘wind energy vision,’ though still good within a ability of a attention as it exists currently and is expected to grow in a future, presumption an evident joining to renewable energy. Under this modernized scenario, accumulative wind energy ability could boost by scarcely 5 times, from 800 GW in 2012 adult to 4,042 GW in 2050.

(The details: It would see 800 GW by 2020, 1,933 GW by 2030, 3,024 GW by 2040 and 4,042 GW by 2050.)

Wind power has a potentially large purpose to play in a rejecting of hoary fuel emissions. Swapping one month’s use of hoary fuels for 100 kWhs of wind power is a homogeneous of holding one automobile off a highway for 2,400 miles or 3,862 kilometres according to How Stuff Works.

In a media release concomitant a report, Steve Sawyer, CEO of GWEC, pronounced wind power has turn a cheapest cost choice when adding new ability to electricity grids in an augmenting series of markets.

Given a coercion to cut down CO2 emissions and continued faith on alien hoary fuels, wind power’s pivotal purpose in a world's destiny energy supply is assured,” Sawyer said.

In a associated Greenpeace International blog posting, Sven Teske, a organization’s comparison energy expert, pronounced that by 2020, wind power could forestall some-more than one billion tonnes of CO dioxide from being issued any year by dirty energy.

That’s homogeneous to Germany’s and Italy’s emissions combined, or Africa’s sum CO2 emissions, or those of Japan, or two-thirds of what India pumps out,” Teske said.

The news remarkable that scholarship indicates tellurian hothouse gas emissions need to arise in a subsequent 5 years if humankind is to have any reasonable possibility of avoiding a misfortune ravages of synthetic meridian change — i.e. gripping tellurian meant heat arise subsequent 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

The power zone is a largest singular writer to tellurian hothouse gas emissions – about 40 per cent of energy-related CO2 emissions, and about 25 per cent of altogether hothouse gas emissions — a report said.

Massive doing of existent energy-efficiency and energy-saving technologies is indispensable in a subsequent 5 to 10 years, no new spark plants should be built, and healthy gas should be used wherever possible, it added.

In addition, a news likely that while solar power might be a largest power source by mid-century, a biggest grant to emission-reductions in a subsequent decade will come from hydro and wind.

Image Credit: Lillgrund wind plantation by Vattenfall via Flickr.

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