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How to Get Free Electric Power

A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity is Finally Here! How would you like to create a Free Electricity generator which creates free energy? This is an easy-to-follow guide, so you can now build a Electric Power Generator which creates free energy at no cost, and does not require any outside assistance like wind or solar energy to run, this generator makes energy on its own and powers your home for free. This generator is totally off the grid! This method has been under development for a long time, but due to big corporations trying to keep this under wraps, the plans for using this free energy technology that would change our world have been kept secret. We just recently succeeded in creating a website which offers the DIY builder instructions for building this Free Electric Power generator, this device can change our world… Learn More! 

Free Electricity: The Sources and Benefits

Free? Yes, it’s free. Perhaps it is hard to believe especially in our present world where the word “crisis” has become the associate of the word “economic”. But whatever may be our current economic situation the fact remains that there is or there are sources of free electricity. This information has been hidden from the public for a long time because Power Corporations doesn’t want the people to be free from the rising power bill. They want to enslave the world by being so dependent on them with their electric power needs.

Yes, there is a source of Free Electricity. But as a saying goes “for anything good there’s a price to pay”. So practically you only need to invest a minimal amount in order to enjoy the long term benefits of free electricity, which is more than the cost of your investment. Imagine a one time investment of small amount that will give you unimaginable benefit of free electricity for the rest of your life.

Now this small investment is one sided, which means that there is no way that you can lose your investment. With this investment you are always on the winning side. Always on the benefits rather than on the cost; and always free from the mind-stressing surging power bill.

These free sources of energy have been here with us long ago. But the problem they were never revealed to us. These free sources were never exposed to the public so as not to make the people free from being enslaved by Multi-Million Power Corporation. One of this free energy sources is the wind. We’ve heard about wind turbines but never did we hear that the government or the corporations are developing this technology in order to lessen the power cost that the mass of people are paying from their hard day work.

Another source of free energy that has gradually become popular to the general public is the Solar Power, or the power that we can generate from the heat of the Sun. Our world absorbed this heat daily to produced fruits and crops that we also eat, and the same energy that the earth is absorbing is the free source of electric power energy. All we need is a device that converts this heat into electrical energy. And we have this technology and device that could free us from the burden of ever surging power bill.

Another newly revealed secret source of free energy is the machine that runs with a magnetic field and produces electric power enough to light up the whole house and even appliances. This magnetic machine is something that is now gradually being introduced to the public and in fact many have now applied this principle in their household and helps reduce their energy consumption from Power Corporations.
These sources of Free Electric Power are not introduced in order to stop the business of the Power Corporations because economically they have helped a lot people who are working on their power plants, but this free source of energy are revealed that they may help individual household and family not become so affected by the surging electric power rate.

Industrial groups enter Argentina’s wind market

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Engineers reviewing 40 Lawrence comforts for energy-saving opportunities

This week, a organisation of engineers will finish a final of 40 “energy audits” on city-owned buildings and facilities.

As with other Lawrence facilities, including glow stations, distraction centers and parks, 360 Energy Engineers will check City Hall’s lighting, heating and cooling systems, H2O use and insulation. The audits, that have been going on opposite Lawrence a past dual months, are partial of an bid to implement fit apparatus to save energy — and income on application bills.

“The categorical idea of a module is to residence energy potency in a city buildings, not usually to save energy though to save income for taxpayers,” pronounced Eileen Horn, sustainability coordinator for Lawrence and Douglas County. “At a same time, we can residence deferred upkeep in a open facilities.”

Lawrence has not bought into anything yet, besides a audits.

On May 24, a City Commission unanimously authorized a agreement with Lawrence-based 360 Energy Engineers, a business started in Kansas University’s Bioscience and Technology Business Center. Engineers will finish auditing a city comforts and afterwards accumulate a list of probable projects to benefaction to commissioners.

If a City Commission decides to pierce brazen with some of a projects, a cost of a audits — $64,000 — will be rolled into a altogether plan cost. If commissioners confirm to opt out, a city will owe 360 that sum.

The review results, plan recommendations and estimated costs are expected to be presented in August, according to information Horn supposing to commissioners. The elect could approach 360 on what projects it wants to pursue, and skeleton would be crafted into September. If it were to benefit approval, 360 would work on designs this fall, sinecure subcontractors, afterwards start on a projects in early 2017.

“There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ in there,” Horn said. “If a elect is understanding and approves a project, people would start saying improvements in buildings in Jan 2017.”

A offered point, Horn said, is that improvements could be finished with small up-front costs by a Kansas Corporation Commission’s Energy Savings Performance Contracting system. The complement helps internal governments, propagandize districts, universities and hospitals turn some-more energy-efficient.

Through a system, 360, an energy use company, would work underneath state contract, and Lawrence would compensate behind a plan costs.

“The biggest plea we’ve always run into with addressing energy potency in a buildings is that infrequently a some-more fit choice is some-more costly adult front,” Horn said. “Yes, we might save income by shopping that energy-star block of apparatus or that LED light, though your bill for that year gets dinged by perplexing to make that purchase.”

Horn pronounced she did not nonetheless have an guess of what a altogether costs would be.

Engineers with 360 have audited all city distraction centers, besides a new Sports Pavilion Lawrence, and each glow hire solely for a under-renovation Fire Station No. 1. The indoor and outside nautical centers were checked out, as were a Community Health Building, Lawrence Arts Center and all of a buildings during Lawrence Municipal Airport.

Downtown trade lights, propagandize channel beacons and lighting during parks, jaunty fields and in a New Hampshire Street parking garage were also reviewed.

City staff and engineers chose buildings that are “energy hogs” to cruise for improvements, Horn said. They analyzed a cost per block feet of energy bills and found what comforts were in need of maintenance.

For example, a Indoor Aquatic Center has corroded lighting, and staff has problems with determining steam there, Horn said. Engineers will benefaction what’s compulsory to repair those issues, how most energy would be saved and how most it would cost.

Horn pronounced she’s been perplexing in new years to get a city to cruise projects by a state’s energy assets program. It finally has “momentum,” she said.

“This is sparkling for a million opposite reasons,” Horn said. “This could be an innovative indication for us as a city about how to be active with a buildings and residence those energy needs before a apparatus breaks. When it breaks, we have to go buy whatever is accessible off a shelf. We can be some-more active and residence those needs and get in front of it.”

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